Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Upcoming bouts: Saturday September 6th-A day of "Bolivian"

After the disappointing bouts on Friday we'd like to say that Saturday is a better day for Heavyweight action. Sadly however that still doesn't suggest the day is going to be a good one for the division.

Arguably the most interesting fight of the day comes from Mike Tyson's much hated "Bolivian" as the much experienced Billy Wright (44-4, 35) battles the heavy handed Gilberto Matheus Domingos (22-2, 20) for a variety of regional titles. To say we care about either of these men would be a life though it would be nice for the fighter to fade into Bolivian and take these random paper belts with them.

On the same card we actually do have a Bolivian title fight as reigning champion Saul Farah (50-18-3, 44) defends his belt against the win-less (you can't make this crap up) challenger John Okita Popeye (0-4). We've never seen Popeye (the fighter, not the cartoon) though one would assume that he's going to need more than just some spinach to pick up a win here.

The next most notable bout takes place in the with unbeaten giant Gary Cornish (18-0, 10) battling another man we really hope would fade into "Bolivian", Larry Olubamiwo (10-7, 9). We refuse to accept Olubamiwo as a boxer. To us he's a shit-stain on the sport and should have been given a lifetime ban for his cheating, thankfully though it seems like he's currently going through a series of beat down, quit jobs and various other in ring issues in an attempt to make us pity him. Larry could suffer a KO loss every day for the rest of his life and we'd not give him sympathy for the risks he put other fighters through.

We do wonder how Olubamiwo's drugs would match up with Popeye's spinach...

Moving on...

Also in the UK will be a bout between the debutin Dave Jones (0-0) and tough journeyman Moses Matovu (5-44-4). Matovu is tough but we expect Jones to do enough to get a win in his locker here (see what we did there? Dave Jones...Locker...hahahaha).

A third UK bout is expected to see the unbeaten Adam Machaj (4-0, 3) take on a yet to be named opponent. We like Machaj but fighting TBA's on 3 days notice needs to be put into Bolivian, especially considering the fact Machaj is actually really talented!

In Germany David Wilken (0-0) will make his debut against Nedeljko Cvorovic (0-1) we don't know anything about these two though we hope we never need to pronounce or type "Nedeljko Cvorovic" again any time soon.

In the US we have two bouts at at a low level. One of those will be a female bout between Sonya Three Fox (2-0, 1) and Saxon Harrison (0-1) whilst the other will be an all debutant bout between Shaun Holiday (0-0) and Laquan Williams (0-0). Not much to say here other than that they look even on paper.

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