Sunday, 31 August 2014

Results: Saturday August 30th-Boytsov struggles Wallin wins!

This past weekend was certainly not a great day in the Heavyweight division though we did get a few notable men in action.

German fans got to the chance to see two Heavyweight bouts for the price of one in Nordhein-Wesfalen. One of those bouts saw the once promising Denis Boytsov (34-1, 26) forced to go 10 rounds en route to claiming a unanimous decision over Timur Musafarov (6-2, 5). This was a huge step back from where Boytsov would have hoped he was after 35 fights and although he got the win he far from impressive.

The other contest saw the very promising Otto Wallin (7-0, 5) score a 4th round stoppage against the heavy handed but limited Maksym Pedyura (14-7-1, 12). The win was a solid one on paper and was another good step up for Wallin who we really like. We know he's still a boxing baby but this sort of step up is the sort of thing that he needs at this point.

In Argentina fans got the chance to see the debuting Leandro Daniel Robutti (1-0) take a clear and decisive victory over Juan Ramon Fernandez (2-1, 2). Fernandez was dropped in the opening round and deducted a point in round 3 to make the decision a very clear cut one.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Upcoming bouts: Saturday August 30th-Wallin and Boytsov in action

Although there isn't a lot of interesting bouts this weekend we do have a handful of interesting Heavyweight bouts. One of those bouts will see Otto Wallin (6-0, 4) stepping up to fight Maksym Pedyura (14-6-1, 12) in what appears to be a good test for the unbeaten youngster. We do really like Wallin and it's clear he has real promise though hopefully he will manage to live up to his potential.

Sadly on the same card we get to see Denis Boytsov (33-1, 26) effectively admit he'll never reach his once highly expected peak. Following his loss to Alex Leapia we will see Boytsov fighting against Timur Musafarov (6-1, 5) in what appears to be a confidence builder for Boytsov though a further waste of time for the fringe contender.

One of the more interesting fights is in Canada as Didier Bence (9-1, 3) taking on Rob Nichols (6-1-1, 4). This will be Bence's first bout since being stopped by Eric Martel Bahoeli last November and with Nichols having power we may see something similar here. Another bout on this show will see Sylvera Louis (5-3, 2) fighting against the unbeaten Fred Latham (4-0-1, 2) in a relatively intriguing low level bout.

One of the most disappointing bouts will see James Hammortree (5-0, 5) who will be taking on the win-less Antonio Robertson (0-5-1). Unfortunately it's hard to see how interesting Hammortree actually is as his opponents are frankly awful, as they are again here. On the same card we'll see another relatively unexciting contest as Derek Walker (1-12) battles the win-less Shamar Davis (0-1)

In Germany we get two more bouts though neither looks to be interesting. One will see Helge Rippe (2-1, 1) in action and the other will see Taras Varava (2-6, 1) though neither have yet had opponents named.

One other bout will be an all debutant bout in Argentina as Juan Fernandez (0-0) battles against Luis Robutti (0-0)

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Upcoming bouts: Friday August 29th-Nothing big this Friday, sadly

This Friday doesn't look like a great day in the Heavyweight division but there will be 2 bouts in the division.

In Germany fans will get the chance to see novices colliding as Deniz Koezig (1-0, 1) takes on Muslim Benkacimi (1-1). Although Koezig won his debut it was almost impossible to say anything positive as both Koezig and his debut opponent Matthias Eichler both looked more like out-of-shape drunks than professional athletes. Unfortunately Benkacimi also appears to be an out of shape Heavyweight.

Another bout that takes place on the same day will see Jarad Treloar (1-4) taking on Thomas Peato (1-1) in a bout that will not particularly excite anyone in the boxing world. This bout, in Australia, is a 6 rounder though neither man will be expected to go far.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Upcoming bouts: Tuesday August 26th-Farah Vs Fernandez II, oooh how exciting!

Midweek fights don't tend to be hugely exciting and this Tuesday doesn't appear to change that as Bolivian veteran Saul Farah (50-18-3, 44) takes on novice Bernardino Fernandez (2-1). This will be Farah's 15th defense of his Bolivian Heavyweight title and we really cannot see Fernandez over-coming Farah's.

Interestingly this is a rematch 4 years in the making and Farah inflicted Fernandez's only loss so far, way back in June 2010.

Results: Saturday August 23nd-Briggs Bum of the Month continues!

There was a disappointing lack of Heavyweight action this past Saturday, though there was actually just a lack of action through out the day regardless of weight.

In North Carolina fans got the chance to see the heavy handed Shannon Briggs (56-6-1, 49) continue his "bum of the month" competition as he made very light work of the under-sized Cory Phelps (16-7-1, 8). Phelps, who really isn't a Heavyweight, was blasted out inside a round as Briggs defended the NABA and interim WBC Latino Heavyweight titles. We know Briggs is expecting to get a world title fight but instead we feel he deserves ridicule for these type of fights. If he wants to call out the champion he should earn a shot the old fashioned way, by beating contenders, not beating people we'd fancy our chances against.

Another American who picked up a win was the heavy handed and relatively promising Joe Cusumano (8-1, 6). Cusumano, whose only loss has come to Daniel Martz, took a second round KO against the usually durable Randy Easton (2-4-1, 2). For Easton this was his first stoppage loss whilst Cusumano scored his 6th straight win and put the loss to Martz well behind him.

In another US bout the debuting Antonio Pugh (0-0-1) fought to a draw with Lonnie Kornegay (1-11-2) in what will be a disappointing start to Pugh's career. The bout, a majority draw, ended a 6 fight losing streak from Kornegay which began back in 2011.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Results: Friday August 22nd-Wins for Rivas, Washington and Hunter whilst Kelly is shocked!

This past Friday night wasn't a big one in the Heavyweight division but was a notable one with several unbeaten prospects in action and one really notable upset.

The first result we received was from Canada where Canadian based Colombian Oscar Rivas (14-0, 9) returned from 7 months of inactivity and defeated Daniel Cota (17-5-1, 10) in 5 rounds. Rivas, who has fought just twice since the start of 2013 has been plagued by injuries though we're really hoping to see more of him and hope that his injuries aren't going to prevent him from being able to reach his potential.

One unbeaten fighter who didn't have everything his own way was Gerald Washington (14-0, 10) who narrowly over-came the tricky and tough Nagy Aguilera (19-9, 13). Aguilera might not be a world beater but he is a potential banana skin and Washington was fortunate not to slip to his first defeat here, very tough bout for the unbeaten American.

Another unbeaten American to continue their winning ways was the promising Michael Hunter (6-0, 4) who scored a 4th round stoppage against Harvey Jolly (14-22-1, 7). On the same card as Hunter's win everyone was given a shock as the hard hitting Danny Kelly (6-1-1, 5) was shocked by Avery Gibson (4-4-2, 1). Gibson has now scored 2 notable upsets having added Kelly's scalp to that of Ytalo Perea.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Upcoming bouts: Saturday August 23rd-Briggs takes on Phelps

This Saturday is a quiet day in world boxing though it's very disappointing in terms of Heavyweight action.

The most notable bout of the day sees the heavy handed Shannon Briggs (55-6-1-1, 48)  continue his campaign of fighting scrubs to get a world title fight. This week's "Victim of Briggs" will be Cory Phelps (16-6-1, 8), a former Super Middleweight who has been stopped 5 times in 23 bouts with all 5 of those stoppages coming inside 2 rounds. Briggs might talk the talk about doing "what the chap does" but this is genuinely a disgrace for Briggs to be fighting such over-matched foes whilst talking the big talk.

Briggs isn't the only notable Heavyweight in action in the US and in another fight Ty Cobb (17-5, 10) will be taking on the infamous Richard Dawson (5-1-2, 3). Dawson may not be as experienced as Cobb but is certainly more infamous courtesy of his bout with Englishman Freddie Fintoff. Flintoff managed to take a decision over Dawson before retiring though it did appear that Dawson was holding back and had been told to "help" Flintoff. With that in mind we favour Dawson here who is much better than he looked against the Englishman.

Another US bout will see Joe Cusumano (7-1, 5) taking on Randy Easton (2-3-1, 2). Cusumano isn't the greatest but should easily over-come Easton here. This is the least interesting of the 3 Heavyweight bouts in the states.

In Brazil we have two bouts both on the same card. The most interesting of those bouts will see Vanderlei De Oliveira (16-4, 15) battle against the unbeaten Romildo Dos Santos (7-0, 6) in a 10 round bout for the International Boxing Council Americas title. Both of these guys appear to have power though of course with the Brazilian fight scene it's hard to know just how good either man really is and neither is coming into this bout with much in terms of activity.

The other Heavyweight bout will see Fernando De Oliveira (15-8, 13) taking on Jose Augusto Dos Santos (15-9, 15) in what should be another explosive encounter despite neither man being particularly great. Sometimes the match ups can be better at this level though of course the skills on show are usually limited.

The rest of the action is in Germany where we expect a trio of Heavyweight bouts.

One bout will be an all-debutant bout as Mike Weser (0-0) takes on Sascha Buetzow (0-0) whilst we are also expecting Alexander Frank (3-0, 2) and Andrei Mazanik (9-6, 8) to be in action though against yet to be named opponents.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Upcoming bouts: Friday August 22nd-The day of Unbeaten Fighters!

Heavyweight action returns in a pretty interesting way this weekend with a number of unbeaten Heavyweights in action.

In Canada fans will get the chance to see the promising and heavy handed Oscar Rivas (13-0, 8). Rivas, a Colombian based in Canada, has explosive power that has faltered in some whats in his career with injuries and other issues. We're hoping Rivas is full recuperated from his out of the ring issues and managed to make light work of Mexican Daniel Cota (17-4-1, 10) and get his career back in track with out any more issues.

Rivas isn't the only unbeaten prospect in action in North America and in the US we several more unbeaten and interesting hopefuls in action.

The most notable of those Heavyweight hopefuls is Gerald Washington (13-0, 10) who will be taking on the tough and testing Nagy Aguilera (19-8, 13). Aguilera isn't a serious threat to a top guy but if you're not going places he will really show you up and, on his day, he is a real banana skin. Sadly for Aguilera we feel that Washington is a very good prospects and we'd not be shocked if Aguilera suffers his third stoppage loss.

On the ESPN "Friday Night Fights" card we have 2 more unbeaten prospects. The most notable of those is second generation fighter Michael Hunter (5-0, 3) who will be hoping to come out on top against the experienced Harvey Jolly (14-21-1, 7) . We'd expected Hunter to over-come Jolly but it's a great test considering how much of a novice pro Hunter is. The other is Danny Kelly (6-0-1, 5) who is very heavy handed though will be up against the tough Avery Gibson (3-4-2, 1). Gibson might not be a "winner" in terms of his record though has proven to be a tough ask. Going in to this bout Gibsin holds a notable win over Olympian Ytalo Pera and has gone the distance in losses to Razvan Cojanu and Bogdan Dinu.

Another unbeaten Heavyweight is Ruann Visser (1-0, 1) who will be hoping to extend his winning run as he takes on professional tomato can Eric Lindsey (3-13-0-1, 1). Without a win in 7 years and with 5 successive stoppage losses on his record Lindsey is there to do no more than make up the numbers, something he is likely to do with no complaints.

In Ohio we're expecting to see Armando Ancona (6-2-1, 5) and Tim Washington (3-3, 3) both in action though not against each other. Sadly neither man has a penciled in opponent so far so we don't expect either man to face any even semi interesting.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Results: Tuesday August 19th-Only low level European action

Mid week fights aren't usually great and this Tuesday proved to be no exception to that rule as some European fans got the chance to catch some Heavyweight action.

In Budapest, Hungary fans saw the unbeaten Zoltan Csala (2-0, 1) extend his winning record with an opening round stoppage against the debuting Jozsef Daszkan (0-1). The bout was the main event of a small "ProfiBox-Promotion" card and it's likely that Csala is being built up to challenge Hungarian champion Zoltan Petranyi, who just so happened to be the promoter of this show.

In Slovakia there was another couple of Heavyweight bouts tucked away on a free-open air show. The fans who made it out to Sturovo saw local fighter Ladislav Slezak (5-28-2) score a rare win with a dominant victory over Hungary's win-less Zsolt Magyar (0-2) whilst in the other bout Peter Erdos (8-4-3, 3) held Istvan Ruzsinszky (12-11-2, 8) to a majority draw.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Results: Saturday August 16th-US fighters all score blow outs

This past weekend wasn't a great one for Heavyweight action but it did feature a number of promising fighters who all scored relatively easy wins.

The highest profile Heavyweight bout of the weekend saw Deontay Wilder (32-0, 32) scoring his 32nd victory inside as he forced the 4th round retirement of the out of shape Jason Gavern (25-17-4, 11). Wilder fought as if he wanted rounds though picked an opponent unable to give him then in what proved to be little more than a waste of time for fans and Wilder himself. If rounds are what Wilder needs it would make sense to fight someone able to go rounds rather than someone taking a fight on a weeks notice.

On the same card as the Wilder/Gavern bout was another Heavyweight mismatch as Dominic Breazeale (12-0, 11) made light work of veteran Billy Zumbrun (27-14-1, 16). Zumbrun, who is in his 40's, was down twice in the opening round before being stopped in the second and unfortunately left us wondering the purpose of the bout for Breazeale who proved little and developed nothing. A real waste of time for all those involved.

Another unbeaten American Heavyweight in action was novice Trey Lippe (4-0, 4), the son of Tommy Morrison, who took on the usually durable Emmit Woods (2-10-2, 2) and scored a 43 second stoppage. Lippe may not be as well schooled as his compatriots but he seems to be just as potent against the extremely low level opponents that he has been facing. Just a case of seeing him step up we guess.

In Argentina we only had a low profile bout as teenager Esteban Juarez (3-0, 2) scored his first decision victory and over-came Arnaldo Perez (2-8, 1) in a 4 rounder. Aged 17 Juarez is one of the youngest prospects in the division though unfortunately he hasn't yet started to look like a fighter in terms of physical shape. Hopefully Juarez does get into shape though at the moment we do have apprehensions about the youngster.

Another low level bout took place in Canada as Ty McDougall (3-4-2, 2) stopped Chad Neilson (1-4, 1) in the 4th round of a scheduled 6 rounder.

In Poland we had a another low level bout that ended in a genuine upset as Wlodzimierz Letr (3-3, 2) scored a 6th round stoppage over Ben Wrotniak (5-2, 1).

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Results: Friday August 15th-Basile upset!

We had a notable upset in Argentina last night as 44 year old journeyman Walter David Cabral (19-10, 8) over-came Gonzalo Omar Basile (63-9-0-1, 29) with a 6 round split decision. Basile was taking an 8 fight winning streak into this bout though that came to end courtesy of a split decision.

Aged 40 question marks have to arise about Basile's future and although a rematch is plausible we'd like to see both men call it quits on their long careers

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Results: Tuesday August 12th-Kristapsons scores first win!

In Riga this past Tuesday Klaids Kristapsons (1-9-1) recorded his first victory as a professional fighter as he stopped the debuting Juris Zamelis (0-1) in just 2 rounds. The 36 year old Kristapsons has now gone unbeaten in 2 fights despite losing his first 9 pro bouts.

Upcoming bouts: Saturday August 16th-A stay busy day for unbeaten Americans

Most of the day's Heavyweight action is in the US where almost all the notable action takes place.

The biggest bout of the day is sadly little more than a stay busy fight as the highly regarded Deontay Wilder (31-0, 31) takes on journeyman Jason Gavern (25-16-4, 11). Whilst we don't blame Wilder for taking a "stay busy" fight this is unfortunately very similar to his previous 31 bouts and we feel more anger at him getting a world title fight than actually having this bout. Funny world this boxing business. On the same card as this bout Dominic Breazeale (11-0, 10) will be fighting against veteran Billy Zumbrun (27-13-1-1, 16) in another bout that makes little sense for the unbeaten man, other than to pad his record.

In North Carolina Ray Edwards (7-0, 4), the Minnesota Viking's NFL player, will be fighting against the debuting Djaun Hughey (0-0). Edwards looks to be a boxing fraud and match ups like this continue to develop that idea. On the same card Chris Hancock (7-0, 3) will be in action though his opponent hasn't been named, sadly though we're not getting a bout between Edwards and Hancock, that one would have made sense.

One more US bout will see Trey Lippe (3-0, 3), the son of Tommy Morrison, attempt to extend his winning run.

In a very, very low level bout in Argentina fans will get the chance to see the win-less Juan Enrique Hidalgo (0-1) battle the debuting Cristian Suarez (0-0). Hard to say much about this one given the men involved but hopefully it'll be competitive and not a blow out either way.

It's not just the Argentinian's getting low level Heavyweight action because in Canada fans will get the chance to see Ty McDougall (2-4-2, 1) take on Chad Neilson (1-3, 1). Whilst little is really know about these two neither man tends to take a shot particularly well so this may be over early.

Another low level bout, though a more interesting one, will see Renato Blitz (2-0, 1) battle against fellow unbeaten Martin Edelmann (2-0, 1). We favour Croatia's Blitz's but this is a notable test for both men given the early stages of their career.

Yet another low level and less than exciting bout will see Ben Wrotniak (5-1, 1) battling against Wlodzimierz Letr (2-3, 1). We've got to concede this is one we're struggling to care about, especially given hat Wrotniak lost last time out to Oscar Siale.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Upcoming bouts: Friday August 15th-A poor day lacking in notable action

This coming Friday is a less than great day in the Heavyweight division, but there are still a handful of fights that take place.

The most notable fighter in action will be Argentinian veteran Gonzalo Omar Basile (63-8-0-1, 29) who will be looking for win #64 as he takes on the very limited Walter David Cabral (18-10, 8) in an all Buenos Aires affair. With a combined age of 84 it's clear neither of these men will be going far but it's still an interesting domestic battle for Argentinian fan.

In New York American fight fans get a pair of low level but somewhat interesting contests. The better of those two bouts will see Kimdo Bethel Boykin (7-1, 5) fighting against Aaron Kinch (5-3-1, 1). Neither man is great but the bout should be pretty competitive, despite Kinch losing 3 of his last 4. The other will be between the once beaten Brian Clookey (6-1-2, 3) and the very limited Eric George (2-6). Again neither man is likely to go far in their career but it could give the fans a nice 4 rounder before the main part of the show.

Staying in the US fans in California will get the chance to see Makani Sarellano (2-1, 2) take on Andrew Tinae (0-2) in a very poor looking undercard bout.

Another low level bout takes place in Mexico as Rafael Rios (1-0) takes on a yet to be named opponent.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Results: Saturday August 9th-Glazkov struggles, Parker impresses and Doroshilov picks up notable debut win

This past Saturday was a major day on the fringes of the Heavyweight division with a number of interesting bouts across the levels.

The most important fight saw Vyacheslav Glazkov (18-0-1, 11) struggling past the limited, but inspired, Derric Rossy (29-9, 14). Rossy, a genuine journeyman, gave his all and really, really pushed Glazkov in a very close bout that as sadly sullied by a a 98-92 card for Glazkov that failed to show just how competitive the bout was. For Glazkov this was another poor showing and it seems clear that he's not the prospect that we once hoped he would be, in fact he's probably not going to go past contender status even in a  post-Klitschko era.

One man, on the same show, who did look tremendous however was Joseph Parker (10-0, 9) who completely destroyed the limited Keith Thompson (7-3, 4) in a show case performance that will have had many in the US wishing to see Parker again. Thankfully Parker will return to the ring shortly to fight Sherman Williams and that should ell us a lot more about Parker.

In a third bout, albeit one we don't recall being televised, Tyrell Wright (6-0, 4) extended his winning run with a 4 round decision over Randy Easton (2-3-1, 2). Easton is better than his record indicates but this was a shut out for Wright who now has to step up.

In Russia we saw the debuting Pavel Doroshilov (1-0) take a 4 round decision over British veteran Danny Williams (46-23-0-2, 35) in yet another part of the ever lasting Danny Williams retirement ceremony. On paper it's a great win for Doroshilov but in reality it was little more than a victory over a living corpse of a fighter who no longer has anything to offer as an opponent.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Results: Friday August 8th-Zhilei blows away Tate

In the US this past Friday night fans got to see the "blink and you missed it" debut of Chinese giant Zhang Zhilei (1-0, 1) who blew out American opponent Curtis Lee Tate (7-5, 6) in just 17 seconds. The bout wasn't long enough to ell us much about Zhilei but did tell us that Tate needs to find a new hobby as boxing isn't for him, in fact we tend to feel that he better not go out when it's windy or he'll topple over quickly, like he did here.

The only other bout of the day ended in a huge shock as the debuting Radim Kuriljak (0-1) was stopped in 2 rounds. A debutant losing isn't typically ground breaking but the man he lost to was Martin Stensky (2-33, 2) who claimed just his second win in 35 fights spread over a decade.  Now lets hope both of these two walk away from the sport with Stensky allowed to go out on a win and with Kuriljak retiring with his brains in tact, if Stensky can beat you then this aint a profession for you.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Upcoming bouts: Saturday August 9th-Promising action Stateside

Although the Heavyweight action on Thursday and Friday was limited there is much more action on Saturday and better yet it includes an awful lot of interesting fights.

The most interesting of of that action all takes place in Pennsylvania where we get a trio of Heavyweight bouts all worthy of note.

The first of that trio will see the unbeaten Tyrell Wright (5-0, 4) battle against the limited Randy Easton (2-2-1, 2). The bout isn't great on paper but it's a step up for Wright who has been matched far too easily so far. Wright has power it seems but against his competition so far it's hard to say just how legitimate that power really is.

Although unconvinced by Wright we have been very impressed by big punching New Zealander Joseph Parker (9-0, 8) who will be fighting against Keith Thompson (7-2, 4). For Parker this will be his US televised debut and his second bout in the US in total. We'd expect him to make a very good impression here and if he wins in style, like we expect, the odds are he will be back in the US in the near future.

The remaining bout on this show will see Vyacheslav Glazkov (17-0-1, 11) taking on Derric Rossy (29-8, 14) in what should be an easy win for Glazkov. The unbeaten Ukrainian is heading towards a world title fight though will need to perform well here to get the sort of backing he would want going into a bout with Wladimir Klitschko. Talented but "boring" Glazkov has shown some fantastic traits at times but looks likely to fall short at, or around, the fringes of world class. Rossey however is little more than a journeyman.

Still in the US, albeit in Washington, D.C, we get another Heavyweight bout as Stan Williamson (1-0, 1) stakes his unbeaten record against the debuting William Chaplin (0-0). Little to say here other than that at 6'7" Williamson is a giant of a fighter and really is a striking fighter to see.

One more bout of note takes place in Russia as the debuting Pavel Doroshilov (0-0) battles against British veteran Danny Williams (46-22-0-2, 35). We don't know much about the Russian debutant but making a debut against a fighter like Williams, even a shot Williams, is still pretty impressive.

Upcoming bouts: Friday August 8th-Zhang Zhilei makes his debut!

For a second day running the Heavyweight action is limited though on Friday we do get one of the most highly anticipated debuts in a very long time, that of Chinese amateur stand out Zhang Zhilei (0-0) who will kicking off his professional career with a bout against Curtis Lee Tate (7-4, 6). The debut is expected to be televised on ESPN and the expectation is that Zhilei could be a real force in the sport, especially when you consider that he is being backed by some notable players and being trained by some very big names.

The only other bout scheduled to take place will see the unbeaten Nathan Luis Rosa (1-0, 1) battle against the very limited John Moxey (2-3, 1) in a low level bout in Minnesota.

Upcoming bouts: ThursdayAugust 7th-Reyna Vs Smith

There isn't much Heavyweight action this Thursday though the Fox Sports card in the US will see the heavy handed Ernest Reyna (4-1, 3) facing off against novice Dominique Smith (1-1-1, 1). The bout is unlikely to be televised and very unlikely to be anything special though with Reyna we do expect action, even if bouts don't tend to be the most skilled.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Results: Sunday August 3rd-Deubtant double in Slovakia

The only Heavyweight action this past Sunday was in Slovakia as we had a pair of all debutant contests.

One of those saw Peter Veselsky (1-0, 1) get off the mark with an early victory over Daniel Hedervari (0-1) in an all-Slovakian contest. The other bout ended just as quickly as Jozsef Daszkai (1-0, 1) defeated Norbert Csaszar (0-1) in an all Hungarian bout.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Results: Saturday August 2nd-Dawejko and Kownacki both score stoppages

This past Saturday was a very quiet day in the Heavyweight division though we did have a couple of bouts.

The most notable of those, at least for us, saw the unbeaten Adam Kownacki (7-0, 7) extend his stoppage record to 7 straight stoppages as he over-came the big punching Charles Ellis (9-2-1, 8) in the 5th round a scheduled 6 rounder. For Kownacki this was easily the best win of his career though we're still unsure just how good he is given that Ellis was a 39 year old without a notable win in almost 7 years.

On the same card there was also a win for the under-rated Joey Dawejko (11-3-2, 4) who made extremely light work of David Williams (7-9-2, 2) who was stopped in just 108 seconds. We'll admit we have a soft spot for Dawejko and hope that he gets to show his skills against a decent fighter on the lower end of a televised card, though we also know that he's never going to be a contender.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Results: Friday August 1st-Browne fortunate to over-come Rudenko

This past Friday certainly wasn't the busiest or best night of Heavyweight action but it was an interesting day, at least on paper.

The interest didn't come from the days first bout which was in Australia and saw Patrick Eneanya (2-0, 2) over-come fellow unbeaten Joel Clifton (1-1, 1) in just 2 round. Eneanya is a former amateur fighter who appears to have solid skills and power, considering his inexperience, and could well step up a bit from this level of fights.

On paper the interesting bout came in the UK as fringe world level fighters collided in a bout for a pair of regional titles. Unfortunately however the bout stunk. That's because the popular Lucas Browne (21-0, 18) came in over-weight and looking under-trained in for his battle with Ukrainian Andriy Rudenko (24-1, 16). On paper the bout was great but in reality it was poor with Browne looking very slugging and Rudenko looking too limited to make the most of Browne's poor conditioning.

In the end Browne took a unanimous decision, very luckily for him, but perhaps found his level. Funnily if Browne lost another 10-15lbs he would probably be able to make himself a contender but it appears his love of the game has gone. A real shame considering how close he is to a major pay day.