Thursday, 10 July 2014

Upcoming bouts: Saturday July 12th-Anthony Joshua looks for 7th KO

This weekend's big action might be in the MGM Grand but, Heavyweight fans, get their share of action around the world.

The most notable bout will in the UK as Olympic champion Anthony Joshua (6-0, 6) takes on veteran Matt Skelton (28-8, 23). On paper this looks like a great match up though in reality the hard hitting, young and fast Joshua will almost certainly blast out the old and battle scarred Skelton who is 47 and has lost his last 2 bouts, including a blow out defeat to David Price back in November 2012. Skelton once was a great opponent but now he's a shell of the man he once was and the odds, which favour Joshua 1/100, do show the perceived "shot" status of Skelton.

We see another unbeaten man in action in the US. This time Terrance Dumas (5-0, 4) who will be fighting against the stopped or be stopped Willie Kyles (2-8, 2) who has yet to go the distance in his 10 fight career. Unfortunately we can't describe Dumas as a prospect at 36 years old.

On the same card as the Dumas/Kyles bout will be an interesting contest between Steven Moreno (5-1, 5) and Quincey Palmer (6-3, 6). This bout features two men who, on paper at least, appear to be heavy handed and fragile meaning we could have an explosive encounter between two low level fighters.

The biggest name in action in the States will see Chazz Witherspoon (30-3, 22), the second cousin of former world champion Tim Witherspoon, fighting against Tyyab Beale (9-4-1, 3). Witherspoon is nothing like the fighter that Tim was but he is still a decent enough fighter to make a name for himself at the "club" level and was a decent amateur, with that in mind we can't see anything but a win for him here.

We are expecting more bouts in the US though at the moment they have yet to be fully announced, sadly.

Kiwi fans will get the chance to see Clarence Tillman (11-15-2, 6) taking on novice pro William Quarrie (4-1, 1). Tillman has lost his last 7 fights in a row and is with out a win in almost 3 years whilst Quarrie suffered his sole loss last time out to the unbeaten Hemi Ahio. With that in mind we need to favour Quarrie.

In Hungary there will be two "all journeyman" bouts. One of these will see Tamas Bajzath (9-11-1, 5) fighting against the very limited Gabor Farkas (7-30-6, 3) whilst the other will see the very experienced Csaba Olah (5-81-3, 4) taking on Tibor Balogh (14-6-2, 10), the only Heavyweight on the show with a winning record. We're expecting to see Balogh beat Olah but the other bout really is pretty close to a 50-50 contest.

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