Friday, 18 July 2014

Upcoming bouts: Saturday July 19th-Lay 'em Out in action!

Sometimes the boxing world is flooded with fights that sadly leave other parts of the sport coming last. This weekend is one such weekend as Macau steals the lime light and leaves us with very little Heavyweight action.

One of the few Heavyweight bouts this weekend will see the limited but incredibly exciting heavyweight Ian "Lay 'em Out" Lewison (9-2-1, 6) taking on the very busy Croatian journeyman Hrvoje Kisicek (8-11, 2). Kisicek is becoming a popular journeyman on the British stage and this will be his 5th fight with a Brit inside a year. Sadly for Kisicek he is 0-4 against Brits so far and we'd be shocked if that didn't become 0-5 after this fight with Lewison.

The only other Heavyweight bout that we're aware of will see Bobby Jovanovic (0-0) making his debut, in Germany, against debut the limited Juri Zizer (2-8). We don't know much about Jovanovic but we do know Zizer has been stopped 5 times is 36 years old and a blown up Light Heavyweight, so we're going to guess that this is a set up bout for Jovanovic to make an impressive debut.

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