Friday, 29 August 2014

Upcoming bouts: Saturday August 30th-Wallin and Boytsov in action

Although there isn't a lot of interesting bouts this weekend we do have a handful of interesting Heavyweight bouts. One of those bouts will see Otto Wallin (6-0, 4) stepping up to fight Maksym Pedyura (14-6-1, 12) in what appears to be a good test for the unbeaten youngster. We do really like Wallin and it's clear he has real promise though hopefully he will manage to live up to his potential.

Sadly on the same card we get to see Denis Boytsov (33-1, 26) effectively admit he'll never reach his once highly expected peak. Following his loss to Alex Leapia we will see Boytsov fighting against Timur Musafarov (6-1, 5) in what appears to be a confidence builder for Boytsov though a further waste of time for the fringe contender.

One of the more interesting fights is in Canada as Didier Bence (9-1, 3) taking on Rob Nichols (6-1-1, 4). This will be Bence's first bout since being stopped by Eric Martel Bahoeli last November and with Nichols having power we may see something similar here. Another bout on this show will see Sylvera Louis (5-3, 2) fighting against the unbeaten Fred Latham (4-0-1, 2) in a relatively intriguing low level bout.

One of the most disappointing bouts will see James Hammortree (5-0, 5) who will be taking on the win-less Antonio Robertson (0-5-1). Unfortunately it's hard to see how interesting Hammortree actually is as his opponents are frankly awful, as they are again here. On the same card we'll see another relatively unexciting contest as Derek Walker (1-12) battles the win-less Shamar Davis (0-1)

In Germany we get two more bouts though neither looks to be interesting. One will see Helge Rippe (2-1, 1) in action and the other will see Taras Varava (2-6, 1) though neither have yet had opponents named.

One other bout will be an all debutant bout in Argentina as Juan Fernandez (0-0) battles against Luis Robutti (0-0)

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