Saturday, 9 August 2014

Results: Friday August 8th-Zhilei blows away Tate

In the US this past Friday night fans got to see the "blink and you missed it" debut of Chinese giant Zhang Zhilei (1-0, 1) who blew out American opponent Curtis Lee Tate (7-5, 6) in just 17 seconds. The bout wasn't long enough to ell us much about Zhilei but did tell us that Tate needs to find a new hobby as boxing isn't for him, in fact we tend to feel that he better not go out when it's windy or he'll topple over quickly, like he did here.

The only other bout of the day ended in a huge shock as the debuting Radim Kuriljak (0-1) was stopped in 2 rounds. A debutant losing isn't typically ground breaking but the man he lost to was Martin Stensky (2-33, 2) who claimed just his second win in 35 fights spread over a decade.  Now lets hope both of these two walk away from the sport with Stensky allowed to go out on a win and with Kuriljak retiring with his brains in tact, if Stensky can beat you then this aint a profession for you.

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