Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Upcoming bouts: Friday August 29th-Nothing big this Friday, sadly

This Friday doesn't look like a great day in the Heavyweight division but there will be 2 bouts in the division.

In Germany fans will get the chance to see novices colliding as Deniz Koezig (1-0, 1) takes on Muslim Benkacimi (1-1). Although Koezig won his debut it was almost impossible to say anything positive as both Koezig and his debut opponent Matthias Eichler both looked more like out-of-shape drunks than professional athletes. Unfortunately Benkacimi also appears to be an out of shape Heavyweight.

Another bout that takes place on the same day will see Jarad Treloar (1-4) taking on Thomas Peato (1-1) in a bout that will not particularly excite anyone in the boxing world. This bout, in Australia, is a 6 rounder though neither man will be expected to go far.

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