Sunday, 31 August 2014

Results: Saturday August 30th-Boytsov struggles Wallin wins!

This past weekend was certainly not a great day in the Heavyweight division though we did get a few notable men in action.

German fans got to the chance to see two Heavyweight bouts for the price of one in Nordhein-Wesfalen. One of those bouts saw the once promising Denis Boytsov (34-1, 26) forced to go 10 rounds en route to claiming a unanimous decision over Timur Musafarov (6-2, 5). This was a huge step back from where Boytsov would have hoped he was after 35 fights and although he got the win he far from impressive.

The other contest saw the very promising Otto Wallin (7-0, 5) score a 4th round stoppage against the heavy handed but limited Maksym Pedyura (14-7-1, 12). The win was a solid one on paper and was another good step up for Wallin who we really like. We know he's still a boxing baby but this sort of step up is the sort of thing that he needs at this point.

In Argentina fans got the chance to see the debuting Leandro Daniel Robutti (1-0) take a clear and decisive victory over Juan Ramon Fernandez (2-1, 2). Fernandez was dropped in the opening round and deducted a point in round 3 to make the decision a very clear cut one.

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