Thursday, 14 August 2014

Upcoming bouts: Saturday August 16th-A stay busy day for unbeaten Americans

Most of the day's Heavyweight action is in the US where almost all the notable action takes place.

The biggest bout of the day is sadly little more than a stay busy fight as the highly regarded Deontay Wilder (31-0, 31) takes on journeyman Jason Gavern (25-16-4, 11). Whilst we don't blame Wilder for taking a "stay busy" fight this is unfortunately very similar to his previous 31 bouts and we feel more anger at him getting a world title fight than actually having this bout. Funny world this boxing business. On the same card as this bout Dominic Breazeale (11-0, 10) will be fighting against veteran Billy Zumbrun (27-13-1-1, 16) in another bout that makes little sense for the unbeaten man, other than to pad his record.

In North Carolina Ray Edwards (7-0, 4), the Minnesota Viking's NFL player, will be fighting against the debuting Djaun Hughey (0-0). Edwards looks to be a boxing fraud and match ups like this continue to develop that idea. On the same card Chris Hancock (7-0, 3) will be in action though his opponent hasn't been named, sadly though we're not getting a bout between Edwards and Hancock, that one would have made sense.

One more US bout will see Trey Lippe (3-0, 3), the son of Tommy Morrison, attempt to extend his winning run.

In a very, very low level bout in Argentina fans will get the chance to see the win-less Juan Enrique Hidalgo (0-1) battle the debuting Cristian Suarez (0-0). Hard to say much about this one given the men involved but hopefully it'll be competitive and not a blow out either way.

It's not just the Argentinian's getting low level Heavyweight action because in Canada fans will get the chance to see Ty McDougall (2-4-2, 1) take on Chad Neilson (1-3, 1). Whilst little is really know about these two neither man tends to take a shot particularly well so this may be over early.

Another low level bout, though a more interesting one, will see Renato Blitz (2-0, 1) battle against fellow unbeaten Martin Edelmann (2-0, 1). We favour Croatia's Blitz's but this is a notable test for both men given the early stages of their career.

Yet another low level and less than exciting bout will see Ben Wrotniak (5-1, 1) battling against Wlodzimierz Letr (2-3, 1). We've got to concede this is one we're struggling to care about, especially given hat Wrotniak lost last time out to Oscar Siale.

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